(meteorobs) Suckered yet again.

rmbehr at istar.ca rmbehr at istar.ca
Sat May 24 04:21:50 EDT 2014

Weather reports for our area 20 miles north of Kingston, Ontario  
didn't look promising, but I set my alarm for 2:00 a.m. to check.  Hit  
the snooze button, then dragged my groggy self out of bed.  Clear sky!  
  Bundled up with warm clothes and big klunkety boots that would keep  
my feet warm and dry in the rain soaked grass, collected camera and  
tripod and headed out to where I had a view of Camelodorkus just over  
the trees.  Set up and waited. Held my breath with anticipation.   And  
waited.  Fiddled with the camera.  Whistled to the whipporwill.  And  
waited.  Meteor "shower" my ***!  Saw one fast little meteor whizz  
across Ursa Major, watched the ISS and a couple of satellites come  
over, but meteor "shower"?  Nada. Once again my hopes for lovely  
sparklies was dashed like fine crystal over a rock cliff.

This sleep-depriving bone chilling stiff neck inducing event of major  
disappointment brought to you by the same sadistic fiends who promised  
me that Comet Eyesore would be the comet of the century.  Pfft!   
Phooey! Rats!


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