(meteorobs) Fwd: large bolide over California/Nevada

Bill Cooke cookewj at comcast.net
Mon Apr 23 03:15:57 EDT 2012

This was a BIG event - see below for energetics as calculated by the Meteor Physics Group at Western University in Canada.

Bill Cooke
Lead, NASA Meteoroid Environments Office

Begin forwarded message:
> Hi Bill,
> About the bolide – it was a big one indeed. Got a clear and persistent stratospherically ducted signal on two stations (IS57 and IS56). I based my analysis on the event time reported by various news reports (1500 UT).
> Using the AFTAC period relations, the energy estimate is 3.8 kt (of TNT equivalent), and based on infrasonic data the approximate source coordinates are: 37.6N, 120.5W (Google map attached).
> Best regards,
> Elizabeth

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