(meteorobs) OT -Question to the UFOCaptureV2. -PAUL PUGH et.al.,

Francisco Ocaña albireo3000 at yahoo.es
Sat Aug 29 07:38:40 EDT 2009

Hi YCSentinesl,

I computer is never too fast. The noise has many sources, but the 
processing is not amongst them ( I am almost sure that UfoC just save 
the original input in the AVI, without the processing effects).

The noise come from the sky, the CCD electronics, the coaxial wire and 
mainly (IMO) from the frame grabber. Once the video is digitalized it 
shouldn´t get much more noise. Maybe I am wrong, but I think the 
computer doesn´t matter, and the only way to reduce the noise is 
changing wires and grabbers (each one has different patterns and 
quality, even from the same manufacturer and model).



Larry escribió:
> Hi Paco.
> One of the drawbacks I think is my computer may be TOO fast. I see far too 
> many points of light that are NOT stars OR hot pixels. I believe this is due 
> to thermal noise in the entire computer system from super fast processing. 
> This noise is constantly changing with every "T" image even with near 
> simulaneous triggers. This difference was quite noticeable when comparing a 
> 800 mhz computer, and a 900 mhz computer at the same time with the 2.4Ghz 
> computer with the exact same settings on all. It does erase with noise 
> removal in software photo programs when processing the .avi image later with 
> registax and .avi2Bmp.
> YCSentinel

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