(meteorobs) OT -FlashDrive is an active storage ADVANTAGE.

stange stange34 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Nov 19 14:53:23 EST 2008

Points noted Chris.

I am abandoning this proceedure for the main Sentinel computer. (It is a 
super fast one with everything.)

It may be worthwhile for Handyavi on slower small computers. I will check on 

You are correct(as usual) on the pricing...I checked that yesterday when I 
bought another 2 gb.flash for info transfer.

Good job Chris.


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> Hi Larry-
> Interesting test. Some things to keep in mind, however:
> Flash drives are quite a bit more expensive than ordinary hard drives. If
> you're recording large amounts of data, a hard drive generally makes more
> sense.
> Flash drives are slower than most hard drives, so if your rearming time
> limitations come from mainly from the disk write time, a flash drive is
> likely to make things worse.
> Flash drives have limited write cycles. Unless you are using an 
> application
> specifically designed to run from flash, it may well destroy the memory in
> short order. If you want your data on flash, you should explore running
> Sentinel from the hard drive and configuring it to just write the video to
> flash.
> Fast, 1TB hard drives are down around $100 these days, and just a little
> more for external drives you can plug into USB. It would take 500 of your
> 2GB flash drives to get this storage!
> Chris
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> Subject: (meteorobs) OT -FlashDrive is an active storage ADVANTAGE.
>>A 2 Gb. (storage) flash drive had Sentinel's Python25 program copied unto
>> it.
>> When Sentinel was "STARTED FROM" this flash drive, ALL DATA FILES WERE
>> WRITTEN TO THE FLASH DRIVE! and none were written to the normal Sentinel
>> program on the computers hard drive. There was no change in the meteor
>> detection & re-arming delay time noted however on false detections I
>> initiated.
>> --This suggests programs like Sentinel, likely Handyavi, and possibly
>> other
>> video camera programs that consume huge drive space during recording 
>> hours
>> should be able to have their data accumulate on a storage flash drive
>> attached to the computer. A large flash drive probably costs far less 
>> than
>> a
>> large hard drive.
>> A nice fireball just occured here in the North-West at 20081117_0720:25
>> UT.
>> About 1.5 seconds in duration. I did not get to check the re-arm time as 
>> I
>> was on this computer when it happened. Those files, the composite 
>> picture,
>> and the Q-time video, are on the flash drive only now.
>> So there is some gain here.  -YCSentinel
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