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Thanks Salvador!
I'm going to try to get out there the next few nights. Hopefully something  
will perk up. I believe it should be clear until next week.
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Florida, USA

Copy  this information of  Wayne T Hally (NAMN notes Nov. 08)..   :-)

"  For North America, the best chance to see some  Leonids may be during the 
early morning moon free hours at the start of  activity before the Full Moon. 
Sirko Molau’s 2008 analysis of IMO video  meteors indicated the earliest 
Leonids begin to show up as soon as November  6th when the morning hours will be 
dark, and at least one moon free hour  should be possible before twilight until 
the morning of the 10th. There might  only be one or two per hour though, so 
great care must be used in correctly  identifying any potential shower members. 
Since the radiant does not rise  until about 10:30 PM local time, the early 
morning hours are the best time to  look in any case. Here are the radiant 
positions for selected dates (Right  Ascension is given in degrees and hours and 
minutes, Declination in  degrees)."""


salvador  aguirre

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