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Thu Jun 26 22:50:54 EDT 2008

Chris - I realize that the software is rather basic, but the PPLOT
program addresses effects of antenna tilt on the elevation pattern,
which is something the NEC and EZNEC antenna evaluation programs do not.

The NOISE and REFLECT programs are rather simple, but lots of number
crunching is going on, and the information supplements other meteor
scatter programs such as your FORWARD program.

I tried to avoid typing in the programs myself since I am old and a
hunt and pecker typist; but, I found out this afternoon that the
source programs are NOT in the book as I was given the impression by
the author. He only provides further descriptions of the programs in
the appendix.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me the source code for
PPLOT, NOISE, and REFLECT, and in addition I will also need the 12
data files for PPLOT; they are the *.EDT files.

I now owe you a couple of beers!!!

Thanks and Best Regards

--- In meteorobs at yahoogroups.com, Chris Steyaert <csteyaert at ...> wrote:
>    Bob,
> I have that software. Rather basic, and in BASIC ;-)
>          Regards,
>          Chris
> At 01:51 26/06/2008, bob71741 wrote:
> >I have a copy of Jacob Schanker's book "Meteor Burst Communications"
> >that was published in 1990 and there was companion software with it
> >available from the publisher, Artech House.
> >
> >Unfortunately, Artech House did not archive the software; would any
> >group member happen to have a copy?
> >
> >Best Regards
> >Bob
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