(meteorobs) North American Fireball Network

Alister aling at telus.net
Mon Feb 4 08:30:27 EST 2008


I've had a Sandia camera going since late summer - Alan brought it up to me 
and helped install. Here's my data:

      AB Edmonton  113.572 53.477 673 Alister Ling 780-432-6996 aling @ 
telus.net southwest Edmonton
      Sandia Convex All-sky b&w recorded 18/7 on VHS Tapes

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> The MIAC North American Fireball Network map and contact list has been
> reinstated on the MIAC Web page at:
> http://miac.uqac.ca/MIAC/miac_frames_e.html
> Dr. James Whitehead said there were computer issues at the University
> that now have been corrected.
> Ed Majden
> Courtenay, B.C. CANADA
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