(meteorobs) MANY FIREBALLS?

Ed Majden epmajden at shaw.ca
Wed Dec 31 12:58:06 EST 2008

	I'm not convinced that there is an increase in fireball activity in  
recent years, perhaps more reporting of such events.  The now  
terminated Canadian MORP System directed by Dr. Ian Halliday, NRCC,  
was in operation across the three Prairie Provinces from 1985 to  
March 1971 with some cameras operating in 1970.  This network  
recorded 754 fireball class meteors over an approximate 14 year  
period.  This works out to approximately 53 fireballs per year or 1+  
per week.  With this in mind you are hearing reports of fireball  
activity spread across the country and also internationally.   
Spectacular events also see an increase of reporting of bright  
meteors.  Some of these are not fireball class meteors.  I have had  
many such reports and after checking my Sandia All-sky Camera tapes  
many of these are not recorded so they must have been fainter than  
-3.0 magnitude the approximate recording sensitivity of the old  
Sandia Convex All-Sky cameras.  The new fisheye systems are a bit  
more sensitive.
Ed Majden
Sandia Bolide Detection Station
Courtenay B.C.  Canada.

> Is it me, or has there been an ENORMOUS amount of reported  
> fireballs  lately?
> Seem like an average of 1 per week in the last few months. I don't   
> remember
> ever hearing so many reports, and I've been meteor observing for  
> well  over 20
> years.
> Anyone else notice an increase?
> Thanks,
> Anthony USA

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