(meteorobs) Perseid videos / with forward scatter

Thomas Ashcraft ashcraft at heliotown.com
Sun Aug 17 10:20:21 EDT 2008

bob71741 wrote:
> Thomas - I cannot download the mp4 file for the first specimen; the
> link is pointing to your hard drive.
> Regards
> Bob

> http://www.heliotown.com/Specimen_Perseid_Fireballs_2008_Ashcraft.html
> Thomas Ashcraft
> New Mexico


Thanks for pointing out that error. I just fixed the link and it should 
work now.     That particular .mp4 shows a small Perseid ( faint ) that 
streaks down from screen left and then some seconds later the larger 
fireball appears.  The large fireball makes a very dynamic forward 
scatter reflection in stereo. 

Thanks again.

Thomas Ashcraft

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