(meteorobs) Spme preliminary thoughts on the Peruvian event

Andrei Ol'khovatov olkhov at mail.ru
Fri Sep 21 05:39:17 EDT 2007

Dear All,

Despite  permanently changing opinions of  "official meteorite experts"
citated by mass-media,  it is already possible to work out some
intermediate lessons.

Whatever the origin of the Peruvian event, the interpretation must explain
both the fireball and
the crater appearence. An idea that one rare event (a large fireball),  and
another rare event (a large crater formation in direction of the fireball
fall (or even hitting the ground?)) are just pure accidendal coincidences
seems not very likely.
If the meteorite is confirmed then it should be investigated all "poisoning"
If the meteorite isnot confirmed, then an origin of the crater and the
fireball should be investigated.

Also geology structure and altitude of the event (~4 km) should be taking
into account.

I can add that in 1990 in former USSR there was a fall  of a meteorte
later named as Sterlitamak.
It formed a crater 10 meters in diameter and 4-5 meters in depth. Its main
body discovered in the crater weighed 315 kg.

But of course, this doesnot prove that the Peruvian event was a meteorite.

Waiting for result of the chemical analysis from Peru.

Best wishes,
Andrei Ol'khovatov

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