(meteorobs) Meteor software program needed?

Chris Peterson clp at alumni.caltech.edu
Thu Sep 13 11:58:06 EDT 2007


It seems to me that your grouping approach makes the process more 
complicated, not less. I don't see the need for either grouping or 
automatic generation of composites. Here's my workflow:

1. Data is collected with Metrec. This works well to detect meteors (and 
airplanes, lightning, bugs... it's not very discriminating). Each event 
is logged, a composite image is saved, and a non-standard image sequence 
is saved. The camera starts automatically at the end of civil twilight, 
and ends at the start of civil twilight. Metrec has some nice 
calibration options, but I've not been able to make them work with an 
allsky camera, so I don't let it create an advanced log.

2. Data is post processed each morning. Metrec provides a tool for this, 
but I don't use it since working in DOS is simply too painful. I have my 
own post processing tool that collects the Metrec data from over a 
network, applies camera calibration data, and builds a new log file, a 
different format image file, and uploads the logs and composite images 
to a database at http://meteor.cloudbait.com.

3. From the central database, I can recover measurements from multiple 
stations, and apply this to my own tools for orbit analysis or radiant 
analysis. Multiple event composites are trivially produced in Photoshop.


Chris L Peterson
Cloudbait Observatory

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>I do not believe that would work Andrew.
> Using Chris's unique stream work as an example..... I would want a 
> meteor summed photo for each of 12 groups. Each group represent 5 
> minutes of capture time.. That is 12 photo's per hour to glance at for 
> counting etc. without playing back the full hour of filming or 
> captures.
> YCSentinel

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