(meteorobs) IAAC needs a deep-sky observation from you!

Lew Gramer owner at visualdeepsky.org
Tue Oct 23 07:21:20 EDT 2007

The IAAC list appears to be operating correctly on our new
hardware home. However, one critical piece still remains to
be tested: our IAAC archive of deep-sky observations!

Oh, you can access our past observations just fine:

Or view our list of NGC observations sorted by catalog ID:
(We have logs of 1436 out of the 7840 NGC objects, so far!)

However, what remains to be tested on our new server is
our ability to archive NEW observations. For that, we need
a deep-sky observer who's willing to share a log with us.

And actually, we could use TWO observing logs - one log
that is submitted via email to our observing log address:
  netastrocatalog at visualdeepsky.org

And one log submitted via our observing log Web page:

So open up your notebooks, or head outside tonight and
bag a NEW object - we are anxious to see your logs!

Clear skies,

Lew Gramer
owner at visualdeepsky.org
Webmaster: http://www.visualdeepsky.org

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