(meteorobs) Nice variety of Fireballs occured.

Ed Majden epmajden at shaw.ca
Sat Oct 6 19:53:06 EDT 2007

On 6-Oct-07, at 4:06 PM, Chris Peterson wrote:

>> The cut off limit for a meteorite dropping fireball is around -6.0 or 
>> brighter.  One has to be careful here as high velocity Cometary 
>> fireballs do not drop meteorites as these burn up in the atmosphere.
> What does that mean? Clearly, fireballs that are brighter than -6 
> (either apparent or absolute) do drop meteorites sometimes. As do 
> meteors that don't even reach fireball status.
> Chris
> Chris:
	What is your reference for a meteorite dropping meteor that didn't 
reach fireball brightness?  I guess you could be talking about 
micro-meteorites that float to the ground as dust!

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