(meteorobs) Stargazing at State/National Parks out west

Michael Clark mrclark9266 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 23 20:10:19 EDT 2007

Here's a plug for Crater Lake NP.

For you: 8000 ft elevations and (almost) always clear skies. Even with an 
occasional fire, they don't send up much smoke at night. They have a 
recently remodeled lodge, but get your reservation in early.

For the family: Nearby rafting and hiking, spectacular scenery and even 
world class theaters and restaurants in nearby Ashland, OR. And the coast is 
just a few hours away. I'd fly into Portland, head to Crater Lake and come 
back via the coast.

Michael Clark
Ashland, OR

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>Subject: (meteorobs) Stargazing at State/National Parks out west
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>At our house we're now in the process of  formulating our family
>summer vacation plans.  Two years ago, my  wife chose where we'd spend
>our down-time and last year our two teenagers made  suggestions.
>This year, it is MY turn to pick the venue.
>Since the Perseids occur at New Moon this year,  I'd like to go someplace
>out west where there are very dark, clear  skies.  My first thought was one
>of our National Parks . . . but which one?   If anybody has any experience
>with the State and National Parks out west --  especially in regard to
>stargazing -- and can make some suggestions, I'd  sure like to hear them.
>-- joe r.
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