(meteorobs) Observations November 20/21 from Oregon

Wesley Stone wes_stone at lycos.com
Mon Nov 21 14:09:05 EST 2005

I've been battling a cold recently, and I thought I would haul out my insomnia to watch a few meteors.  "A few" was right; it was the most boring meteor watch I've ever done.  Only 4 meteors in 1.5 hours.  The fresh air was bracing, though...

Observer: Wesley Stone (STOWE)
Location: Chiloquin, OR (42d 35m N, 121d 52m W)
Method: Counting: Watch/Tape recorder 
Date: 2005 November 20/21

Interval UT   Teff    F     LM   NTA  STA  AMO  LEO  Spo
1110-1240     1.50   1.11  5.35   0    0    1    0    3  

Magnitude Distributions:
AMO: +3(1)
Spo: +2(1), +3(2)

Wes Stone
Chiloquin, OR


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