(meteorobs) An inquiry

drobnock drobnock at penn.com
Fri Nov 11 10:59:11 EST 2005

An inquiry about cause and effect of the entry of large meteors and
fireballs into the upper and lower atmosphere.  On the 31 October 2005
two meteor events on the east coast were witnessed by many and reported.
I had the opportunity to view the 6:30pm event. I missed the 9:15 event.

The general reports given indicate at 9:15 pm a meteor having an average
magnitude. of -13.  entered  the atmosphere. By current literature
definition it may have been of sufficient size to create an
electromagnetic pulse (electrophonic/VLF signature) or infra sonic wave.
Some reports indicate a sonic boom was heard. Our location is central
Pennsylvania. I was indoors at 9:15 visiting friends. The room had an
upright player panio. Not playing. On the top was a music box. At the
time the meteor passed,  (9:15 local time) and was viewed by neighbours,
the music box played a few seconds. The playing was remnsent of shaking
of unwound mechanical watches and music boxes to see if the are not over
wound. A method used to see if the mechanism is free.

Any speculation that this setup --  could a  box of a significant mass
(est 250 to 300 lbs) with a metal frame  strung with a series of strings
tuned to various frequencies having been put into vibration by a meteor
of significant mass ave been cause  for a clock work of the music box to
oscillate (play)?

George John Drobnock

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