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>   Reentering
> boosters and other rockets usually have residual volatiles which can
> a plume and trail.   This still doesn't rule out a grazing meteor from the
> east, but I prefer the space junk idea at the moment.  Several folks 
> in
> past have identified space debris reentries:  How about it?

There is no decay candidate between Feb 24 and March 02, 2005.

I think Geir is very sincere and do not call him a liar. Still this does
just NOT look like a meteor. I've seen many telescopic meteors on Spacewatch
and NEAT  images, and our DMS photographed thousands of meteors with small
optics. This is just not looking like a meteor, although I do not know what
it is. It is a mystery object.

- Marco

Dr Marco Langbroek
Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)
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