(meteorobs) Fw: Disintegrating meteor photos

Bjørn Sørheim astrongeo at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 8 12:43:14 EST 2005

I think the fuel injection idea seems a bit far-fetched.
Remember there was a blink observed and interpreted by a seasoned
 (amateur) astronomer as a regular meteor while he took the photograph.
How can a fuel injection cause something like a meteor flash?
Have anyone photographed THIS phenomenon before??
Can you find a link to such a photograph to compare?
McNaughts idea of a star through a shaking telescope got several problems.
Most important: What is the cloud then? Hardly coming from the star, no supernova explosion for shure!
It seems more than 99.9% shure that the cloud is originating or associated with the bright
arc. Just look at the point where they intersect! 100% that they are tied to each other.
Bjørn Sørheim

Marco Langbroek <marco.langbroek at wanadoo.nl> wrote:
> The main body appears like it is sunlit. The train appears ionized.
> Man made satellite and fuel ejection???

Yes, I've been thinking of this option too. I agree with a.o. George and Rob
McNaught that this does definitely NOT look like a meteor.

- Marco

Dr Marco Langbroek
Dutch Meteor Society (DMS)
meteorites at dmsweb.org


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