(meteorobs) Re: 2004 June Bootids

Sergey Shanov shanov-2004 at yandex.ru
Fri May 28 15:28:49 EDT 2004

Hello Huan,

Including in a resonance trails June Bootid are similar snake. The majority
by this the snakes (with a major value delta_a) is located inside an orbit
of the Earth. Probably, too far to meet with the Earth long before 23 June.
Thus, fragments, farther from a comet, have the greater value delta_a. It
noticeably even by reviewing the large-scale table. All this valid, if old
meteoroids have not begun chaotic driving.

> > Less probable maximas (with a major value delta_a) tend to be before
> 23
> > (up to several day). However, these fragments trails transit far from
> > Earth.
> Do you mean the absolute value of delta_a of the cross section on June 23
> very large?
> Later parts of dust trail are corresponding to smaller delta_a?
> Clear skies,
> Huan

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