(meteorobs) 3 June Seattle fireball

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Hi and thanks
Yes I just rejoined the list so I missed all posts. I checked the archive
and it ends in 2003 unless I was looking at the wrong place.
The event faded fast from the news without any mention of a probable area
where meteorites might have fallen.

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on 6/7/04 11:53, Dale Ireland at direland at drdale.com wrote:

> Hello
> I joined the list because we were shaken awake by the sonic boom from 
> the fireball last week. I saw numerous videos on TV web pages, all 
> parking lot surveillance stuff with no images of the meteor but I have 
> a couple questions.
> The videos show distinct shadows and I was wondering if they have been 
> used to determine the meteor's path, Also I was wondering if there 
> were any sound recordings associated with any videos that might reveal 
> electrophonic sounds from the plasma trails?
> Thanks, Dale Ireland

    You must have missed some previous posts on this fireball.  You can see
a still clip from a Sandia all-sky camera at: http://www.dmsweb.org  Just
click on the appropriate link.  I know of no audio sound recordings but the
fireball was recorded by several seismographs across Washington State.
Scientists are using my video record to correlate with these seismic
recordings to plot the path of the meteor and predict a fall zone.   This is
a work in progress and this takes time. If anything is found it will be
reported on this list and by the news media I expect.  I have no reports of
electrophonic or simultaneous sounds, just the sonic boom.

Hope this answers some of your questions.

Ed Majden - MIAC Associate
Sandia Bolide Detection Station
Courtenay, B.C. CANADA

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