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Wed Aug 25 12:25:08 EDT 2004

 Hi Paul, Michel and others:

  Your discussion about the Perseids in 1977 took me back to the great Perseid shower of 1969.  If my memory serves, the legendary Norman McCleod III also mentioned (the old Meteor News) that he saw a magnificent display back in 1969.  At near 5:00 am EST (local time for Cincinnati, where I was) the per-minute rates (not ZHRs) were between 4 and 5 every minute until approaching dawn squelched the view about 15 minutes later.  Unbelievable shower.  In my mind's eye I can still see those Perseids bursting and dashing toward the northern and eastern horizons.  I saw the '81 Perseids shower, which was great, but it was not up to the '69 shower.  As a matter of fact, only the Leonids in 2001 and 2002 have surpassed it (rate-wise) and only the Leonids of '98 and '01 surpassed it in beauty.
  Interestingly enough, I believe that most other parts of the world did not see the Perseids at high strength that year.  I don't know if it was Jupiter, Saturn, or what, but it certainly was great!

   Pete Bias
   Lakeland, Florida   USA

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Hi Paul,

In 1977 (the year of my birth...)there was a close approach between 
Saturn and the Perseid meteoroid cloud. In 1979, same event caused 
by Jupiter.That caused the famous returns during the early 80-s. The 
1977 event ? Would that be the cause of your magnificent Perseid 
display in that year ?

Next close approach with Saturn : 2006/10/8 (Brown and Jones)

Kind regards,


--- In meteorobs at yahoogroups.com, Paul Jones <jonesp0854 at y...> wrote:
> Awesome narrative report indeed, Jure, makes me wish I had been 
there with you!  Although my obs from Florida this year were no 
where near as dramatic as yours, I could still tell that the 
Perseids are feeling much more like their old selves again.  Your 
narrative here, reminds me very much of my impressions of the 1977 
through 1980 Perseid showers, especially 1977, when for a while 
there, I really thought the Perseids were going into storm mode!   
Your report brings back that experience for me, big time.  Thanks 
> Paul in N Florida
> Jure Atanackov <jureatanackov at e...> wrote:
> Anyway, I began my observation at 19:52UT with the sky at LM 6.7, 
> southeast. Perseid activity was noticeable from the first minute 
on. Some have
> argued, that the activity wasn't impressive or even almost 
invisible. I
> disagree, to me it was quite apparent that unusually strong 
activity was present
> - any time you get 2 PER/min with the radiant at about 27 degrees 
elevation it
> does get your attention. Perseids were abundant, there were 
several groups of
> Perseids just several seconds apart. They were mostly faint, 
between +3. and +5.
> magnitude. Some may speculate that I might be biased by the 
predictions, but to
> tell you the truth (sorry Esko, Jeremy), I expected absolutely 
nothing out of
> ordinary. Therefore, IMHO, the enhancement in activity was obvious 
as was
> obvious the Perseids were fainter than normal. 
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