(meteorobs) second to last report from western turkey

arlene arlenecarol at tnn.net
Thu Aug 12 07:22:55 EDT 2004

Hi again,

Last night, 'a good time was had by all'....it's pleasing and amazing the
number of locals that stopped by to tell me that they too watched the 'star
rain' (that's a translation from the turkish...'yildiz yamor'). Tonight, I'm
taking a neighbor and his neice and nephew about a mile from the village to
a totally dark area to see what we can see. we'll probably only stay out for
an hour, from 11pm till midnight...the kids are 10 and 14 years old...they
live in Istanbul but come here for a week in the summer. this is a good time
to peak their interest in things like this.

Of all the meteors I personally observed this week, I believe that 90% were
Perseids. Last night, I stopped counting at 23 after about 45 minutes
because i was so comfortable outside that i fell asleep a couple of times. i
figured that the count wasn't working if i was falling asleep!!! but what i
saw were lovely but nothing will ever compare to the 1998 Leonid Shower i
was previleged enough to see in this area. for me, that's the apex of my
meteor observations to date.

Weather here is still gorgeous. We don't get rain between May and September
as a rule. Keep it in mind incase any of you want to come out this way. My
guest house is officially finished!!...so there's room for a group of 2-4. I
even had a fireplace built for wintertime.

let me know if you're planning a trip here. I'd be happy to put you up.

Clear skies and cool temps.

Arlene in Western Turkey

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