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Hi Mark,

Tuning approx 600-1000Hz below the following carrier frequencies in USB
mode is best, so audibly you'll hear the pings at around 600-1000Hz in the
audio spectrum through the speaker. Sometimes you'll hear pings at multiple
frequencies as signals are reflected from several transmitters at once.
Strong echoes can last several minutes, and weak ones only milliseconds. 

Here in Plymouth, I use the following Band 1 TV frequencies for my live
FFTs on my website: 

48.250005 MHz Vannas, Sweden
48.250070 MHz Navacerrada, Spain
48.250240 MHz (variable) Valenco do Douro, Portugal
59.257868 MHz Pecs, Hungary
59.257829 MHz Vorta, Romania 

Now is the ideal time to try - the Perseids shower is building and some
very strong echos can be observed between midnight and midday. You will
also hear extended sporadic E signals at this time of year, which appear as
strong tomes with slow and deep fading. You can use my website to confirm
siganl reflections, as the distance between us is small enough to show
reflections from the same meteors.

Andy Smith 
G7IZU Radio Reflection Detection Page

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From: mark ford markf at ssl.gb.com
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 09:08:00 +0100
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Subject: (meteorobs) Radio Listening..


Can anyone recommend a good radio frequency to listen for meteor pings,
I have a radio scanner receiver (MVT-7200) with external roof antennas,
& I live in Sussex on the South Coast of England (uk).

I was told that the transmitting station has to be just over the
horizon, and has to be a continuous tone, such as a television carrier
or similar and to listen on 'USB'. 

I have heard occasional pings from faint stations, but I would like
something a bit more repeatable!

Any thoughts?

Mark Ford

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